Get AdFender and avoid having to install different browser add-ons or plug-ins, to block ads or online tracking. Protect yourself from malvertisements and other intrusions that affect your system performance and impact your computer security. Browse anonymously and protect your online privacy!

Using the free edition of AdFender, you can...

  • Block banner ads, video ads and popups
  • Block malvertisements
  • Block online trackers
  • Remove 'Super cookies'
  • Protect your online privacy

  • With AdFender Professional, in addition to all of the above, you can...

  • Block ads on YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and other secure sites
  • Enhance protection from malvertisements and online trackers
  • Browse anonymously
  • Accept connections from other devices including tablets and mobile phones
  • Get frequent updates to filter lists
  • Get priority support and more!

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AdFender Professional

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