About Us

AdFender Inc. develops and markets leading edge software that enables you to navigate the Web without the harassment of annoying online advertisements.

Internet users the world over are facing an increasing onslaught from advertisers. Pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads and a range of other online advertisements cause significant deterioration of the average user's experience of the web. As competition intensifies to capture the limited attention span of visitors to web pages, the ads are being made larger, the number of ads per average web page is increasing and other forms of advertisements such as sponsored advertising and off-search paid per click ads are used to bombard visitors to the World Wide Web.

Research shows that pop-ups and other online adverts reduce user intention to return to websites, cause significant delays, consume more computer resources, significantly impact download times and cause distractions to readers. The result? Frustrated users, deteriorating system performance and diminishing quality of user experience.

AdFender helps you regain control! AdFender ensures that your browsing experience is smooth, efficient and fast. It helps get rid of the annoyances. All this while working in the background causing the least interruption to your browsing experience!